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The next generation of quality homebuilding begins HERE.

Grounded in a family legacy encompassing nearly 50 years of home building in the Northwest, the Chaffey name is synonymous with superior home building and design. Rick Chaffey continues the family legacy of expert craftsmanship with Chaffey Construction, Inc., ensuring that same commitment to excellence and quality.

We understand your home is one of your largest investments and we strive to build a home with uncompromising beauty and value. An open and trusting relationship with homeowners is the key to our success at Chaffey Construction. We never forget that we are working for you and that our expectations have to exceed yours. These high standards are reflected in our people, our process and the end result...a client pleased with the experience as well as their home. Put our extensive knowledge to work for you and define your ultimate living space with Chaffey Construction.